Extended Trigger Guard – Short


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A trigger guard for use by people that live in New York, or any other communist regimes.

Made from 6061 aluminum and is black anodized.

This trigger guard works the best with a spur grip.  The spur grip is not included but is available on this site.

This is not a pistol grip. A pistol grip is made out of plastic, for the most part. A pistol grip attaches using one 1/4x 28 TPI screw.

This extended trigger guard attaches to the trigger guard position of the lower. It it uses a roll pin and a small set screw. It is made from aluminum.

This is a secure way to hold an MSR that does not have a pistol grip. It is best to be coupled with the spur grip for ergonomics.  (lower and spur grip pictured are not included)

All mounting hardware and allen key are included.

Purchase the spur grip here:  Buy Spur grip here.

We are not lawyers.  None of this description should be construed as legal advice.

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